The Best Folding Camping Tables – Lightweight and Portable

Helinox Table One Campsite

There’s nothing better than being at-one with nature alongside your family or friends. With that said, all of us need a stable camping table for an extra touch of comfort.

A high-quality, multifunctional tabletop surface provides a lot of extra convenience when you camp. A good camp table can be used as a dining table, a cook station, coffee or side table, and more.

Whether your want a camping coffee table or roll-top camping table, all products in this buyers guide have designs that make them ideal for camping out in the wild. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Best Folding Camping Tables

  1. Coleman Pack-Away 4-in-1 Adjustable Height Folding Camping Table
  2. REDCAMP 2ft Folding Camping Table
  3. Helinox Table One
  4. Camp Chef Sherpa Camp Table
  5. Lifetime Folding Picnic Table with Benches

1. Coleman Pack-Away 4-in-1 Adjustable Height Folding Camping Table

Coleman Pack-Away 4-in-1 Adjustable Height Folding Camping Table

It’s hard to beat the versatility of this first table, the Coleman Pack-Away. The 4-in-1 design and adjustable legs allow this handy utility table to be used as a square table, buffet table, two level table, or even as two separate tables.

The two independent table tops use brackets to secure together as needed. The adjustable legs allow you to choose between three different heights and even allow you to set the heights of the two tabletops independent from one another.

Each tabletop has a 31.5 x 15.7 inch top, giving the two tabletops a total surface area of 989 square inches (almost 7 square feet) altogether.

Coleman guarantees this camp table with a 1-year limited warranty.

For a truly all-inclusive camp kitchen, we recommend complimenting the Coleman Pack-Away table with the Coleman Pack-Away Portable Kitchen or Coleman Pack-Away Deluxe Outdoor Kitchen.

2. REDCAMP Small Folding Table with Adjustable Height

REDCAMP Small Folding Table with Adjustable Height

The REDCAMP Small Folding Table is a compact, budget friendly option.

This table has an aluminum frame and fiberboard surface, which is both waterproof & stain-resistant. These materials enhance the foldable table’s durability and portability at the same time.

Thanks to the adjustable legs, you can move the aluminum table between two height settings. The high height measures 19’’, while the low height measures 10.2’’. The tabletop measure 23.6 x 15.7 inches.

With the low heights and compact size, this portable camping table is probably best used by campers as a camping side table, coffee table, or desk, rather than as a food prep surface. It could be used as a dining table, but some of the other tables here would be more comfortable.

3. Helinox Table One

Helinox Table One

The Helinox Table One is a lightweight table that’s great for backpacking.

The tabletop measures 23 x 15.5 inches. It has a height of 15.5 inches, which is sized to match Helinox chairs. It comes with a storage bag and is just 16 inches in length when packed. Thanks to the aluminum alloy frame and fabric top, this ultralight table weighs just 1.5lbs yet has a maximum weight capacity of 110lbs.

That fabric is rip-stop polyester mesh that’s weather and UV-resistant. It’s also removable and machine washable for easy cleaning. The poles feature an internal bungee cord system that assembles the poles with just one pull for fast, easy setup.

Right in the middle of the tabletop you’ll find a pair of mesh cup holders that will keep your drinks safe from being knocked over. This little collapsible table is great for one or two backpackers to eat a meal or play a game of cards atop.

4. Camp Chef Sherpa Camp Table

Camp Chef Sherpa Camp Table

If you’re looking for a cooking table with some extra functionality, the Camp Chef Sherpa is the way to go. This table doesn’t fold up the smallest, but it still may actually save you space.

That’s because this tent has storage for your cooking supplies built in. The table has a fabric box with four dividers inside. Each divider fits a zipper compartment, each a different color so you can use the colors to remember what items are stored in which. The divider between the two lower sections can also be removed, so you can store larger items like a camp stove or BBQ.

In short, this table will store everything your camp kitchen needs even the kitchen sink. That’s right, the blue zipper compartment has waterproof lining that allows it to function as a camp sink or small cooler. This convenient storage may even allow you to eliminate the tubs or other container that you’re currently storing your camp kitchen gear in, while also getting a functional table.

Outside of this storage space, Camp Chef did as much as they could to make the tent more compact.  The aluminum top is made up of a series of slats that allows it to roll up for convenient storage. Once rolled up, it fits conveniently into a pouch on the side of the main compartment. The legs are telescoping so they collapse into the sturdy frame around the storage area.

The Sherpa has top dimensions of 27” x 17”. Carry handles on the sides of the storage area help make the table more portable, so it acts as something of a carrying bag for the gear inside.

5. Lifetime Folding Picnic Table with Benches

Lifetime Folding Picnic Table with Benches

If you’re looking for a table with seating included, the Lifetime Folding Picnic Table with benches is a great option.

At 30 pounds, it’s definitely the heaviest table on this list, but that makes sense. Not only is seating already included, the table surface measure 42 x 24 inches, making it a good bit larger than the other options here, too. It’s large enough for four adults to sit and eat (or play games or whatever else) comfortably.

It’s also well constructed from high quality, durable materials. It has a rust-resistant steel frame for sturdiness and strength. The high-density polyethylene surface is UV-resistant, stain-resistant, and cleans with just a wipe down.

Final Thoughts on the Best Camping Tables

While they’re often not thought of as an essential piece of camping gear, a good table can greatly enhance the comfort and convenience of your camping experience. Hopefully by now you have an idea of the perfect camping table for your next camping trip.

And while we’re focusing on their use for camping here, don’t forget that these tables can also be used for tailgating, for extra surface space in your home, and more.

For camping chairs to go with your new table, check out our lists of the Best Heavy Duty Camping Chairs, Best Reclining Camping Chairs, and Best Canopy Chairs.



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