The Best Gas Camping Stoves for Portable Cooking

Here you have our list of the best propane gas camping stoves. All stoves in this review include features that make them ideal gas stoves for cooking in tents or anywhere else while out in the wild. Please note that while there are many stoves on the market, not all of them are recommended. You may notice that this guide has stoves from mainly Coleman, other than the Camp Chef, which is great for cooking. This review is designed to highlight the very best-rated gas camping stoves.

Best Gas Camping Stoves

  1. Gas One GS-3000
  2. Coleman Gas Camping Stove | Classic Propane Stove
  3. Camp Chef Explorer Double Burner Stove
  4. Coleman Portable Bottletop Propane Camp Stove

Best Gas Camping Stoves

1. Gas One GS-3000

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This is our best butane camping stove for those on a budget and also those who value portability.

The Gas One GS-3000 is a lightweight gas camping stove that won’t break the bank. In fact, the compact gas stove even comes with a carrying case for improved portability, which protects everything well.

As one of the smallest gas camping stoves, the Gas One isn’t the fastest at boiling water, but it a fair job. The instant start Piezo igniter is built into the dial, which allows for quick starts and easy control. Where this small burner really shines is the fantastic simmer control that makes cooking easy.

The exact boiling time will depend on the type of fuel canister and how much gas is left inside. Generally, the stove will boil a liter of water in less than 5 minutes. Although there are more powerful gas camping stoves, not all allow you to control the flame size with such precision.

When it comes to setting up, this packable tent gas stove comes out on top. It’s simply a case of removing the stove from the carry case, turning the drip pan to the correct side, placing in the fuel canister, engaging the safety lever, and then turning the dial to trigger the ignition. We also love that this is a safe camping stove. In fact, it is impossible to store the stove with the gas canister engaged. This means the stove will not accidentally turn on in transit.

To sum up, this is a stove that represents unbeatable value for money. There are more powerful units on the market, but this stove is ideal for boiling water and cooking small meals.

2. Coleman Gas Camping Stove | Classic Propane Stove

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With wind-blocking panels, this is our best two-burner gas stove for camping.

The Coleman Classic is a great all-rounder. It isn’t the best in any specific category, but it is a reliable camping stove with two burners. The 10,000 BTU burners can be used to boil water, simmer soups and sauces, and cook meals for two people.

The most notable feature is the wind-blocking panels. This isn’t the fastest camping stove at boiling water, but it beats the competition when the wind is present. In regards to cooking, the stove has a wide cooking surface, which is ideal for accommodating multiple and larger pans. We also love that the two burners can be adjusted independently, which means you can simmer your sauce while frying your chicken.

With dimensions of 21 x 13 x 3.5” and weighing 9.8lb, this stove is portable enough for weekend camping trips. With that said, the stove is not quite light enough to take on extreme backpacking adventures.

To sum up, this is the best wind-blocking camping stove for cooking small meals and boiling water. The stove is lightweight and easy to set up, which makes it suitable for weekend travel adventures. It’s not the top stove in any specific category, but this is an all-rounder that represents great value for money. The only annoyance is the lack of instant ignition present, which means you will need to use a match or lighter to start the stove.

3. Camp Chef Explorer Double Burner Stove

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With a large cooking area, this gas camping stove with high BTU is our best heavy-duty gas stove for cooking.

In our opinion, the Camp Chef Explorer 2-Burner is the best freestanding gas camping stove. With a large cooking area, the stove is designed as a camping stove for car camping that allows for easy cooking.

With 30,000 BTU of power, the two burners are powerful enough to cook for large groups of people. In fact, it typically takes under 4 minutes to boil a quart of water. Although very powerful, the stove also has great simmering capabilities. There is no auto-ignition system, which means you will need to relight via matches or lighter.

We appreciate its durability, ease of set-up, and minimal maintenance. For solo campers or small groups, this beast is undoubtedly over-kill, but if you have the car to accommodate it, want a lot of versatility, and like to feed a big crew, this is an excellent option at an accessible price.

The stove has a windscreen to help users to cook in windy conditions. However, this windscreen only covers the top of the stove, which can allow air to get underneath and affect the flame.

The durable gas stove weighs a whopping 31lb (19lb without the legs). As such, this is clearly not the gas stove for backpacking or for those who are solo camping. If you’re car camping with a group of people, the stove will excel. You just need to ensure your trunk has enough space for the 32.75 x 14 x 7.75-inch dimensions.

4. Coleman Portable Bottletop Propane Camp Stove

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Compact but powerful, this is our best bottle-top gas stove for camping.

The Coleman Bottletop is a compact propane stove for hiking and backpacking trips. The small gas stove is able to deliver 10,000 BTUs of power, which allows it to boil two cups of water in just a few minutes. It also has an adjustment knob for superior heat control and small wind baffles for flame protection.

Coleman claims that this stove has “PerfectFlow” technology, which allows for a smooth and efficient flow of gas. This allows the stove to work better in both high-altitude and cold conditions.

This is an ideal stove to keep in your backpacking bag at all times. As long as you can get access to the standard propane bottles, it acts as a handy emergency gas stove. The stove has a wide detachable base that gives more stability and prevents the stove from toppling over. This feature means the stove is able to handle 8” wide pots and pans.


With so many gas stoves to choose from, it can be hard to pick one for your camping needs. You will need to think about the power you require, whether you need a lightweight gas stove for portability, and what type of food you will be cooking — among other things.

Each of the four gas tent stoves in this review has been chosen because they are the best for their specific purpose. For example, the Gas One is ideal for backpacking, whereas the Camp Chef Explorer is perfect for cooking. Click here if you would prefer a wood-powered stove.

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