The Best Tents for Heavy Rain

Here you have our list of the best camping tents for heavy rain. All rain-resistant tents in this review have features and materials that make them ideal for camping in heavy rain. Want more? Check out our article on how to prepare for camping in bad weather.

Please note that while there are many waterproof tents, not all of them are recommended by us. This review is designed to highlight tents that will keep you dry in heavy rain. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Best Tents for Heavy Rain

  1. Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent with Screen Room
  2. Toogh 3-4-Person Tent
  3. Kelty Trail Ridge 6-Person Tent
  4. NTK Colorado GT 8-9-Person Tent
  5. The North Face 2-Meter Dome 8-Person Tent

1. Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent

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The WeatherMaster is a 3-person cabin tent with patented WeatherTec technology.

As the name suggests, the WeatherMaster is designed to protect you from the harsh weather.  It’s a 6-person cabin tent that has near-vertical walls, many large windows, and offers a comfortable living environment. Although we would prefer a few more pockets.

Coleman doesn’t tell us what waterproof rating this tent has, but they do inform us that it features their WeatherTec Technology. This means the tent has protected seams, strong-wind frame, zipper protection, and waterproof floors. Due to the amount of mesh panels, we believe this is one of the best tents for rain in the summer, not in the winter.

The tent has a screen room measuring 54 ft², which allows you to store gear or sit outside the main compartment when the weather improves. The official set-up time for this tent is 20minutes, which is fair for a tent of this size.

2. Toogh 3-4-Person Camping Tent

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This is a waterproof pop-up tent with an impressive waterproof rating of 5000mm.

The Toogh Camping Tent is a pop-up tent with an impressive waterproof rating of 5000mm. This type of tent is perfect for rainy weather as it means the tent can be erected in just a few quick steps, allowing you to remain dryer.

This tent has a classic design that stands strong in stormy weather and provides ample living space for three people. The tent also protects against bugs thanks to the mesh netting across the primary entrance. Oh, and the inside has loads of storage pockets to keep you organized.

Overall, this is a good all-rounder. We would recommend it for couple camping trips out in the terrain, where you want protection from potential rain.

3. Kelty Trail Ridge 6-Person Tent

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The Trail Ridge is a freestanding rain tent with a waterproof rating of 1800mm.

The Kelty Trail 6 is a 6-person tent that covers 82 ft² (7.62 m²) of ground. Although officially for 6 people, it will be a tight squeeze, so it’s recommend for 4 people if you want to camp in comfort. With that said, the two vestibules provide extra space for storage.

In regards to weather protection, the Trail Ridge has a waterproof rating of 1800mm for both the fly and floor. Furthermore, all tents are sealed tight, so there shouldn’t be any leaks. The tent has a bath-tub floor that is crafted from waterproof 68D polyester.

Overall, this is a simple tent that does exactly what you want it to – It’s a free standing tent that is easy to set-up and offers protection from heavy rain.

4. NTK Colorado GT 8-9-Person Tent

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The Colorado has a 2500mm waterproof rating and full-coverage fly.

This NTK Colorado GT is full rain fly tent that is perfect for keeping you dry during heavy rain. It has 120 ft² (11.16 m²) of living space, plus another 39 ft² (3.6 m²) thanks to the vestibules. This makes it one a great tent for 8 or 9 people.

With regards to its weather protection, the tent has a full-coverage fly and a 2500mm waterproof rating. The floor has a bathtub construction made from polyethylene, which protect against nasty groundwater.

The inner tent is fitted with lots of ventilation mesh points, making it a great tent for humid climates and summer camping. I would look elsewhere for winter camping tents. Other features include an e-cable port, wall storage, and a ceiling loop for your lantern or ceiling light.

5. The North Face 2-Meter Dome tent 8

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This 8-person waterproof tent has a two-layered structure that handles extreme conditions.

Now, if you want the best tent for heavy rain in winter, the North Face Dome Tent is the one for you. With a two-layered waterproof structure, this tent is built for the harshest conditions. Specifically, the walls have a waterproof rating of 1500mm, while the floor gives a rating of 10000mm!

The tent covers 125 ft² (11.6 m²) of ground, which is enough for the official 8-person capacity. The build of the tent is strong too, which means it can withstand strong winds that usually accompanies rain. 12 Easton aluminum poles and a combination of 210D & 420D nylon oxford material will keep your family secure.

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