Clam Screen Tent Quick-Set Escape: Full Review

Clam Screen Tent Quick-Set Escape

Clam Corporation Quick-Set Escape Shelter Review – 9879 & 9281

The Clam Screen Tent – Quick-Set Escape Shelter offers protection from sun, rain, and unwanted insects.

As you can tell from the name, this quick set-up shelter allows you to escape from the weather in under a minute.

Seriously! Setting up this screen shelter couldn’t be easier.

With its fiberglass build, this type of tent has a very stable construction. The included tent stakes, tie down ropes, and guy-lines add even more strength to its structure. Learn more about what you can expect when setting up a tent.

Without further ado, let’s get this Clam Quick-Set Escape review under way!

What is the Clam Quick-Set Escape Screen tent?

The Clam Quick Set Escape screen tent has so many perks and use-cases, it’s hard to pick a small handful.

It has so many use-cases, even Amazon doesn’t know which one to highlight.

This instant canopy is exactly what you’d expect. It’s well known for its instant setup, its enclosed screen room, and its high-quality build.

With the portable Quick-Set tent, you can turn your campsite into a covered pavilion.

Once you learn the ropes, you’ll be able to set up this tent in just a few minutes.

Clam Screen Tent Quick-Set Escape
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Clam Screen Tent Shelter – A Quick Glance

  • 45 Second Setup
  • 110 total square feet, 94-inch center height, 37 pounds total weight
  • No-see-um mesh screen
  • Water resistant taped seams
  • 50+ UV guard protection
  • 7 deluxe tent stakes and 6 tie down ropes
  • Includes oversized carry bag

Who is the Clam Screen Tent Shelter for?

The Clam Screen Tent is great for frequent campers who want additional protection from harsh weather or bugs.

With an 8-person capacity, its large size means this tent can fit the majority of picnic tables.

The shelter gazebo tent is perfect for your next outdoor gathering with lots of people. It’s perfect for:

  • Picnics
  • BBQs
  • Parties
  • Tailgating
  • Sporting events
  • festivals
  • group camping 
  • A day outdoors


  • Spacious for 6-8 people
  • Multi-functional
  • No assembly required
  • UV protected
  • Water resistant roof
  • No-see-um mesh screen
  • Free carrying bag (oversized)


  • Hard to set up in small areas
  • Wind panels are sold separately
  • Customer Support and their return policy is not the best

Why You’ll Want an Outdoor Clam Screen Tent

If you haven’t heard of an outdoor Clam screen tent or the benefits of having one for your next event. You might just consider it after you’ve seen the Quick-Set Escape

Get additional protection from the rain

When the rain starts to fall and the ground starts to get muddy, the last place you want to track the dirt is inside your camping tent or RV. We’ve all been there. 

With the Clam Quick-Set canopy, you’ll have an entirely separate covered structure where you and your group of campers can wait out the rain.

Its water resistant roof and taped seams will help you and your group stay dry inside.
quick set by clam screen tent
Kudos to you, if you’ve set it up around a picnic table. You’ll be able to enjoy your favorite camping board games or serve your outdoor meal until the rain stops. 

On the flip side, if you’re worried about the midday sunlight being too harsh for the old folks, kiddos, or pet friends. This is the perfect protective enclosure to keep everyone happy! 

Keep those annoying bugs away

Tired of swarms of mosquitos? How about those pesky flies that won’t leave your food alone? 

The Clam Quick-Set is equipped with a high-quality mesh screen with holes so small only a rare handful of bugs could get through. 

The tent also has an extra-wide skirt to prevent any creepy-crawly critters from climbing their way inside. 

Together, these two luxury features provide that extra layer of protection to keep the most annoying insects away. 

With the Clam Quick-Set, you can say goodbye to bugs, flies, mosquitos, and small other insects. And Hello, to peace and comfort. 

Create an extra room for additional privacy

While you probably won’t want to sleep in this screened enclosure, it’s more than enough to provide an enclosed space for small children or pets to play. (with a tall reaching zipper)

No need to worry about either running off to somewhere they shouldn’t. 

Also, if you want a separate space to site outside of where you’re going to sleep. There’s enough space in this canopy tent to comfortably fit up to 6 people. 

Have a comfortable gathering place away from home

With the Clam Quick Set screen tent, you’ll be able to create a comfortable and secluded home away from home.

The separation this screen tent provides from your traditional camping tent is a huge benefit to anyone in a large group. 

You should be able to comfortably fit 6 people, and squeeze up to 8 for your next outdoor event. 

Benefits of the Clam Quick-set Canopy Tent

Large and comfortable

Covering 94 square foot and measuring 7.5 feet tall, this tent offers a lot of volume. The hexagonal design offers a better living environment when compared to its square cousin.

In fact, this shape is perfect for gatherings around a table.  A large tent needs a large entrance! The Escape Shelter features a welcoming entrance that is opened and closed via a secure zipper.

Tons of sizes and colors 

Clam Corporation has done a great job at diversifying what’s available to fit everyone’s tastes and needs. 

Whether you need a small or large canopy, you’ll have four different options to choose from. From Small to X-Large, there’s no doubt you’ll find something that fits your group of campers.

As far as color options, you’ll be able to choose from brown, tan, grey, or green

Quick set-up

The tent comes with an official set-up time of 45 seconds, although it’s hard to get it done this quickly.

It’ll likely take you 10-20 minutes the first time you attempt to erect the tent but should only take a few minutes once you get the hang of it. 

It’s well worth reading the instruction manual before you attempt to erect the tent. The tent doesn’t have a manual build; it relies on quite a few pull tabs that pop out on each side of the tent.

What comes up must go down. This outdoor canopy is just as easy to take down.

No-see-um mesh

The main benefit to owning a screen house is having mesh that prevents bugs from joining your party. This feature is especially helpful during the evenings and when you are eating around the table.

Weather Protection

The size of this tent doesn’t make it suitable for windy conditions, but the weight does. Also, the tent comes with guy-lines and stakes, so you can secure the tent down when the weather takes a turn for the worst!

Oh, and you don’t have to worry about any broken poles as the wind will “pop-in” that side of the tent, which can then be “popped out” again. 50+ UV guard protection means the constructional internality of the tent is protected by the sun rays.

Durable construction

The tent is crafted from a 210 denier poly-oxford fabric, with triple layers in the corners to increase strength.


At 35lbs, this isn’t the lightest shelter on the market. Unfortunately, the carry case doesn’t improve the portability of the product.

The carry case only comes with hand straps, which aren’t the most comfortable, especially considering the weight of the tent. To sum up, we would prefer if the case has a cushioned shoulder strap.
Clam Quick Set Instant Setup
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How do You Set Up a Clam Quick-Set Screen Tent?

If you’ve ever set up a traditional canopy during a sporting event, like neighborhood swim team events. It is MUCH simpler than that. 

No more, pinching your fingers in between the metal framework and its buttons. In fact, you can do this very easily on your own, without the help of others. 

Setting up the Quick-Set instant tent is quite simple. Once you pull it out of its oversized carry bag, you’ll want to:

  1. Lay it flat on the ground in its natural shape
  2. Lift and pull out each side until they snap
  3. Walk inside and push the roof until it snaps

That’s it! No kidding. If you don’t believe me, you can watch the pros at Clam show you how it’s done.


How big is a Clam Screen Tent?

The shelter has a unique shape with six sides, but it measures roughly 140 inches by 140 inches and covers 110 square feet.

It has a peak center height of 94 inches, meaning the tent is tall enough for 99.9% of people. You can check our list of tall tents here. With that said, the large size does come at a cost as this tent weighs in at 34lbs.

Can you sleep in a Clam Screen Tent

While you could sleep in the Clam Quick-Set Escape screen tent, we wouldn’t advise sleeping in it. 

The tent’s screen doors limit your actual privacy when sleeping, and it offers little light protection when the sun starts to rise in the morning. 

Does the screen house prevent bugs?

You’ll be pleased to know that the screen house works well at keeping at the bugs.

In fact, that is exactly what it is designed to do! Pro tip – make sure you close the door on this canopy tent properly so the bugs can’t sneak in through the crack.

Can you use this tent in high wind?

Yes, you can, but this is a large tent so you will need to take some precautions. But don’t worry; you can use the stakes and guy-lines to protect your tent from powerful winds.

Verdict on the Clam Screen Tent

Overall, if you want a shelter that will protect you from the elements, you won’t be disappointed with the Clam Quick-Set Shelter.

It’s a high-quality tent that is quick to set-up and is made from durable materials. The only complaint is that you will need extra space to erect the shelter, but we feel this is only a slight issue.

You can also view our other recommended rain camping canopies.

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