Coleman Portable Flush Toilet Review

Coleman Portable Flush Toilet

Looking for a camping toilet to make going, well, on the go easier and more convenient?

Well, you’re in luck then.

This Coleman Portable Flush Toilet review will give an in-depth look at one of the most popular camping toilets on the market today. We’ll look at how this portable toilet work and talk about its different features. Then we’ll summarize what we’ve discussed with a look at the pros and cons of this travel toilet.

Hopefully by the time we’re finish, you’ll have no problem determining if this is the right camp toilet for your needs. And if you decide it is, you’ll be sure to appreciate the tips that we offer at the end!

With that said, does the Coleman flush toilet live up to expectations? Let’s find out!

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How Does the Coleman Portable Flush Toilet Work?

Coleman Portable Flush Toilet Bowl

The Coleman Portable Flush Toilet has two self-contained tanks. The fresh water tank holds 4.8 gallons of water to allow for repeated flushing. The holding tank captures the spent water and waste. The holding tank stores up to 5.3 gallons of waste.

The fresh water tank separates from the waste tank for easy waste disposal and cleaning, and there’s an additional separate compartment for chemical storage.

Coleman Portable Flush Toilet Features

Large – The Coleman Portable Flush Toilet has a self-contained holding tank that is large enough to hold 5 gallons of fresh water. As such, the toilet can be used and flushed multiple times before emptying.

Secure – The snap-down lid allows you to block odor while the toilet isn’t in use and helps keep things leak-free.

Coleman Portable Flush Toilet Lid

Seat – Unlike a bucket, the seat on this toilet is ergonomically designed to offer extra comfort as you “go”. However, it is a bit lower to the ground than your home toilet, which may surprise campers upon their first use and take some getting used to. It may also present some difficulties for campers who have a harder time sitting down or getting up from a seated position.

One-hand flush – The portable toilet has a locking slide valve that allows you to flush with a single hand.

Coleman Portable Flush Toilet Rinse Valve

Carry handles – With such a large size, this camp potty is heavy to move from place to place. Carrying of the toilet is made easier by the molded handles. However, with the approximately five pound capacity, we wouldn’t call it easy carrying when either tank is full. That much water weighs a lot — more than 40 pounds!

Hose connector – The waste tank has an attached hose connector for easier, less hands-on cleaning.

Coleman Portable Flush Toilet Hose Connector

Camping Toilet Final Verdict

Now we’re ready to discuss our overall impression, but first let’s look at the pros and cons to summarize our thoughts on this toilet.


  • Massive capacity with multiple flush capability
  • Secure snap-down lid blocks odors
  • Comfortable
  • One-hand flush
  • Easy to clean


  • May experience some leakage around the rinse cap, though this is only clean water
  • Heavy when either tank is full
  • Slightly too low in height

Overall, the Coleman Large Flush Toilet does a good job making going to the bathroom while camping cleaner, easier, and more comfortable. It’s clearly a camp toilet that’s intended to stay relatively stationary once full, whether that’s boating, base camping, or something else.


Coleman Portable Flush Toilet Outdoors

The large capacity of this camp commode makes it difficult to move once full, but you can plan to help minimize the inconvenience of that. If possible, travel with the toilet empty, then set it up reasonably close to where the waste will be disposed of.

You can always take multiple trips with a different container to fill up the fresh water tank if it’s too far to carry a full tank from your fresh water source, but you don’t want to try the same with the contents of the waste tank. And speaking of the waste tank, adding Coleman Liquid Holding Tank Deodorizer to the waste tank can provide additional defense against odors.

A funnel can make it easier to fill the fresh water tank, especially if you’re pouring from another container rather than using a hose. Always be sure to get a good seal when reattaching the tanks to avoid unpleasant leakage.

As for the setup itself, you can set the toilet on a small platform of bricks or similar to lift the toilet and make it easier and more comfortable to use. A pop-up privacy tent gives you, well, privacy while you use the toilet without having to keep your Coleman Portable Flush Toilet inside your tent.

Final Thoughts on the Coleman Portable Flush Toilet

Coleman Portable Flush Toilet

While the Coleman Portable Flush Toilet is certainly a great option for your next camping trip, it’s certainly not the only camping toilet out there. If you’d like to see some other travel toilet options be sure to check out our Best Camping Toilets list. And for an even more complete camp bathroom, a camping toilet pairs well with any of our favorite Portable Camp Showers.

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